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Top 5 Crazy Facts about Black Friday

5. The average single male spends as much money on himself as he does on others. My guess is that he typically gets gifts for everybody else and then one new video game console (or maybe tablet) for himself. You’ve got to love yourself too, right? Especially if you’re single…

4. Despite advancing technologies, most people still end up shopping in stores. It turns out it is hard to break a long-standing habit, not only for the individual but also for American consumers as a whole. Apparently we can’t help but bundle up and switch into 4 wheel drive to off-road over to the nearest shopping center to fight through crowds to purchase some overpriced piece of plastic made thousands of miles away. USA, USA!

3. Mobile shopping is not that popular. Mobile browsing, effectively electronic window shopping on the go, is very popular. There appears to be some hesitation for the majority of consumers when it comes to actually purchasing real items (not just apps) through their mobile devices. We’ll see if that changes with new technologies that allow you to pay at brick and mortar stores using just your smart phone.

2. In 2010, the average shopper spent $365.34 while shopping on Black Friday. With 112 million shoppers, it totaled right around $40 billion for the day. Not a bad chunk of change, eh? But it kind of makes you feel bad when you realize that amount was spent in one day on generally luxury (unnecessary) items yet all sorts of non-profit humanitarian projects will never see anything remotely like that in funding.

1. Black Friday is not the biggest shopping day of the year. Like myself, the average American procrastinates with their holiday shopping. Sales increase around mid-December as consumers finish up (or possibly start) their lists. Also, I imagine retailers are that much more eager to get rid of any remaining stock that they gathered for the season and don’t want to sit unsold.

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  1. Canadian retailers have long winced as their customers went south on Black Friday in search of better shopping deals. So now they’ve begun offering their own sales – despite the fact that Canadian Thanksgiving is a full month earlier.

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