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Top 7 Ways Scientology Is Crazy

7. Scientology’s bullshit detracts from the legitimacy of actual religions. To be honest, many religions have many negative aspects. At the same time, many of them also have at least a few positive aspects. Scientology has absolutely none of the latter so even including it within the concept of religion is insulting to just about all organizations that would be truly recognized as actual religions.

6. Scientology is million (possibly billion) dollar industry that the U.S. government treats as a tax-exempt religion. Separation of church and state, right? But what about when that so-called church has revenues of hundreds of millions of dollars and pays absolutely zero dollars into any government system? In fact, to achieve this status, they personally stalked and harassed members of the government and other important figures until the decision was made in their favor. More disturbingly, they’ve done a hell of a job infiltrating the government on a huge scale.

5. Scientology actively suppresses any media in any form that could be anything other than complimentary to their organization and/or interests. If you’ve ever witnessed any form of media about Scientology, it could be classified into one of the three following categories: propaganda made by the organization itself with nothing but self-praise, intensely negative portrayals that seem to become inexplicably marginalized from mainstream society, and our lovely mainstream media sources that don’t dare scratch past the surface as long as they can safely sell all of their advertising.

4. Countless families have been forcibly separated and essentially ruined in the name of ‘unity’. Any enemy is considered an SP, or suppressive person. That includes your sweet old Grandma who doesn’t know what this newfangled religion thinks it is but still sends you that newly ugly Christmas sweater every year. That includes your child who goes through that rebellious phase and wants to become a Buddhist for a few months. That includes just about anybody that gives you a dirty look, frankly.

3. They view the entire practice of psychiatry and anything related to it as useless and an abomination. Majorly depressed? Come on in for audit session! Rely on daily doses of controlled medications in order to maintain the cohesive nature of a healthy thought process, as compared to your usual pathological psychosis? Throw out those pills and come on down for an audit session! Already did and still not better? Well you obviously haven’t bought enough audit sessions from us yet!

2. They literally imprison people for years on end without any form of a proper legal process. Lisa McPherson? Elli Perkins? Noah Lottick? Those are just names that are known to be associated with suspicious or mysterious circumstances. Obviously it is not known how many other cases there have been (or still are), but isn’t one too many? Especially for something that passes itself off as a religion?

1. It was actually created from a conversation between two science-fiction writers about how religions have too much power. While the exact details are not recorded, Robert Heinlein and L. Ron Hubbard were certainly friends and communicated frequently. At one point, they were discussing the fact that religions could essentially get away with a lot of activities without having to pay the typically associated taxes under the guise of being a religion. The unconfirmed rumor is that Hubbard and Heinlein made some form of bet about creating a successful religion out of thin air. It seems like Hubbard won.

BONUS: Shout out to Leah Remini’s (anti-)Scientology documentary, watch online here!

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