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Top 9 Companies That Pay Zero Income Tax

9. United Continental. They nickel and dime you for everything from extra leg room to full-size soft drink cans. At the same time, they continue to pull back any and all sort of bells, whistles, and frills; the golden age of flying has long since passed. And yes, the cherry on top is that they have recently paid $0 income tax.

8. American Airlines. Airlines are relatively easy to pick on these days and there are multiple reasons for that. The main factors are likely the government bailing them out which, in turn, was a result of airlines getting started on the completely wrong foot decades ago in terms of business acumen. But hey, let’s reward them by letting then pay zero income tax!

7. General Motors (GM). More giant corporations, more insanely rich CEOs, more government bailouts, and more income tax evasion. What’s more disturbing is considering the millions of people struggling to make their minimum payments on their crappy American-made vehicles actually pay more income tax than GM.

6. Hewlett Packard (HP). You know how buying ink cartridges to keep your printer adequately filled nearly forces you to pick up an extra job? Well, get ready to get even more frustrated because all of those inflated prices equal money that goes right into the pockets of HP’s top executives while the company itself somehow gets away without paying any income tax.

5. E*Trade. When a company’s only task is to use money to make more money with that money, you might think they’d have enough money to pay all of their taxes…and they do have enough money to, but they still don’t. That’s because they have so much money that they can get their fancy accountants to juggle numbers around until the corporation’s income tax bill is literally zero dollars.

4. Citrix Systems. Those who work in relatively modern offices are probably familiar with Citrix software. For others, just know that just about any teleconference system that you’ve seen like uses Citrix technology in one way or another. Most of these other extremely successful companies pay Citrix to help them work remotely with each other. But, you guessed it: even the company that gets paid by these other ridiculously wealthy companies manages to get away without paying income taxes.

3. Weyerhauser. You remember paper? That’s Weyerhauser. You ever buy anything that’s in any sort of paper-like packaging? That’s also Weyerhauser. Maybe they convinced the IRS that they shouldn’t have to pay income taxes in this supposedly paperless world that we live in. Ironically, there’s a good chance that the IRS is one of their biggest customers.

2. Level 3 Communications. You know the internet? They run a good chunk of it, especially in the United States. But the government chooses to financially pity them by allowing them to pay zero income tax. There’s absolutely no evidence of this being related, but it is a bit disconcerting to know that the leaders of Level 3 could quite literally shut down huge portions of the internet if they felt like it.

1. News Corp. That’s right, Rupert Murdoch’s little baby. Pumping out billions of dollars in revenue for their shareholders and executives still somehow results in them paying nothing in income tax. What’s more hilariously frustrating is that it’s corporate relatives, including Fox News, spends plenty of time decrying other companies for doing the exact same thing they’re doing: cheating all of the honest tax payers out of their own rightfully earned money.

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