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Top 6 Craziest Conspiracy Theories

6. The U.S. government has alien bodies from crash landings. The funny part is that the government itself fed into this theory very briefly over 50 years ago. Since then, it’s been pretty well confirmed that Area 51 was simply a playground for testing new aircraft and related technology. It’s equally obvious that these days the government uses at least one other remote location for these purposes.

5. Jews run the media and the banks around the world. Using the term “Jews” like this is pretty disrespectful, and the entire statement is downright offensive. But is there truth to it? The truth is that there are people of all religions and backgrounds heading up big banks and corporations…but some of them are Jewish.

4. The moon landing was faked. It was all just done on a movie set in Hollywood, right? The main problem with this conspiracy is that we didn’t have special effects of that quality at the time. Of course, many would point to the near statistical impossibility of keeping that many thousands of people to hold the same massive set of incredibly complicated secrets. Either way, don’t bring this up to Buzz Aldrin or he might punch you in the face!

3. The U.S. government was behind the terror attacks of 9/11/2001. This would be the most violently atrocious and possibly craziest conspiracy theories of all of these, and it has a lot of supporters, or “truthers” as they sometimes prefer being called. In addition to requiring the secret resources on the same scale as the Apollo program, this would also involve the murder of thousands of innocent people. Possible, but only in a disturbing dark view of the world and its leaders.

2. Jet contrails contain secret drugs being used on unknowing citizens. They can’t barely stay in business, but one thing major airlines can do is pump crazy chemicals into the air above us. Imagine the thousands of flights in the air at any one time, raining poisonous crap down constantly. Scary thoughts, although seemingly pointless…or is that just what they want us to think? Either way, I’m going to make myself a few extra tin foil hats.

1. Climate change is just a massive hoax being perpetrated by China. Or is it pronounced “Jina”? Or maybe that’s Trump’s whole thing. He’s not blaming China at all, he’s blaming Jina. There’s probably some tiny little island out in the middle of nowhere that only he knows about and it is also the source of this massive climate change hoax crap. Oh, logic? Rationality? Evidence? We dropped all that a long time ago…

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