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Top 6 Words I Can Never Spell Correctly

6. Occasionally I spell occaisionally correctly. But even more occaissionally I spell it wrong. Most occassionally of all, I use spellcheck to save my life.

5. Thoroughbred. Apart from my lack of disposable income or understanding of the general system, my inability to reliably spell thoroughbred correctly is probably the main reason I’m not more into horse racing. Instead, I can’t help but think of George Thorogood being Bad to the Bone.

4. Refrigerator or is it refridgerator? No, it’s refrigerator, yet it’s called a fridge for short. Am I the only one confused by the fact that we add a letter to the shortened version of a word for no conceivable reason?! On top of that, why can’t it just be a frigerator? All this stuff was already frigerated so now it can only be refrigerated?

3. Accommodate. It’s really unfortunate to misspell this one because it often occurs during otherwise respectful communication; “I look forward to accommodating your requests” or something like that. Like #4 above, why can’t we just commodate each other? Accommodate would then seem like the opposite.

2. Caribbean, as in the sea or ocean or general geographic area. But is it Carribean? Or Carribbean? Even if we can figure out how to spell it correctly, I’m not sure if there is such a thing as an officially correct pronunciation of the word. All of the locals are too high and/or drunk to give a shit, anyways.

1. Guarantee is a fun word and a wonderful concept, but it is a real bitch to spell correctly. The only thing I can really guarrantee is that I will find a way to misspell gaurantee. Out of all of the words I can never spell, this may be the most frustrating because it immediately ruins the trustworthiness of whatever context it is found within.

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