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Top 5 Ways This Trump Nightmare Could End

5. Trump could get assassinated. I strongly advise against this method. It’s not original, plus then we would just have Pence in charge. How did killing Osama bin Laden work out? Did it end all terrorism? It may have felt good in some weird short-term kind of way, but it didn’t really help much in the big picture. In other words, I am officially not endorsing any violent act against Trump. It’s not a good idea, even if you don’t like him.

4. Trump could push the international community to the point of turning on the U.S. (to enough of a degree that it severely harms our trade and security). This is starting to happen already, depending on your perspective. Within merely a few weeks of taking office, he’s burned bridges with some long-time allies including Mexico and Australia. Combine that with embracing Russia and one China.

3. Trump could push Americans to the point of some modern sort of civil war. Sometimes it feels as far away as the 1860s, sometimes it feels as close as whatever weapon is closest to you at any one time. If you’ve personally been involved in any recent protests, you probably felt like you were on the verge of a civil war at least a few times. This may not be all that likely but it sure would be pretty extreme.

2. Trump could commit suicide. Pretty crazy, but so is everything he’s done recently. What’s disturbingly quirky about him is that some people are starting to truly feel sorry for him. The most ridiculous part about that is that pity is the absolute last thing Trump wants from anybody ever. The more people pity him, feel sorry for him, and generally look down on him, the less Trump-like he is. Theoretically, this effect could be amplified by all of the typical stresses of being President and result in self-harming tendencies. Again, it is rather unlikely but technically possible.

1. Trump turns into the little boy who won’t stop crying or tweeting ‘wolf’ and the entire world moves on without him. Sure, this is the least exciting and slowest ending to this horrible Trump nightmare, but it’s also the most realistic by far. America will continue on it’s path to noticeably losing it’s reputation as the best country in the world and Trump will continue to sound like a mad raving lunatic surrounded by lapdogs and other lunatics. Believe it or not, Trump’s approval rating can get even lower and it will, for extended periods of time at that. Then, in the early 2020s, America and the rest of the world will move on from the poor decisions, bad dreams, and rotten hangover that was the Trump presidency.

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