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Top 6 Things That Feel Better Than They Should

6. Enjoying hot food and/or drink that is as warm as possible without being too hot. Whether it’s coffee, soup, or a fresh slice of pizza, it’s nearly impossible to hit that Goldilocks zone of not too hot but not too cold. When a person actually goes for that first sip or bite is a bit of a Rorschach test in and of itself; I almost always jump the gun and end up burning my tongue, which is likely related to my generally anxious and somewhat paranoid mindset.

5. Waking up from a nap that was well-timed and actually helped you feel more rested. I’ve pulled this off less than half a dozen times in my entire life; I’m a very bad napper. That makes this all the more blissful when it does actually occur! It’s almost like plugging yourself in for a quick recharge with a healthy bit of comfort and warmth mixed in.

4. Making it indoors just before major precipitation begins. Hard mode: immediately after you make it to the safety of being inside your destination, look out the windows and find somebody who (just barely) failed to make it in time. Expert mode: take a photo of it, upload it with a clever description, and enjoy going viral.

3. Seeing somebody else getting a speeding ticket…as you speed by. If it wasn’t for the fact that many officers work in groups (with one or several strategically waiting a mile or two down the road), then it might be more hilarious to moon them or otherwise annoy the people being pulled over. The best part is that you know they feel like the entire world is watching them and every single driver or passenger passing them somehow knows their life story and is angrily judging them for their misdeeds. Not that it’s true, but that’s how it feels.

2. Going through a police checkpoint with (freshly) legal documents. You may have been two months late for your inspection and three months late for your registration, but you finally took care of them. As if the gods themselves were watching you, it just so happens that a police checkpoint is set up along your regular route the very next day. I would compare this to passing a drunk driving checkpoint while blacked out, but that’s only worth it if you’re a passenger (not driver).

1. Opening the microwave at the exact perfect moment so no time is left and it doesn’t beep even once. This feels so good that you almost want to microwave absolutely nothing just to practice the timing! The absolute best is when you’re not even focusing on accomplishing this task but are just getting your food and boom! It happens. Those sweet sweet ninja microwaving skills.

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